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Publishing second book

Wow, what a ride it’s been getting the second book published. Although, it was easier this round and I did work smarter this time.

Next book in The Jinn Cycle Series is CCX – Calebre Calipus Ex – and I’m working on the final edit now. Hope to publish in the next month or two.

Happy reading!


Newest Release

My newest release is Roman. I just had to write a vamp romance novel with a few twists and turns. Vivian is a strong woman – something Roman isn’t used to.

Paranormal romance with a touch of spice.



Roman couldn’t seem to get a grip or stay focused – Vivian intruded into his mind and body as if she owned him. He still couldn’t figure out how it was possible for a human…an exquisitely, beautiful human female with the most astonishing violet eyes – his Bellezza… And, he was gone again – thoughts of her taking over while trashing Roman’s train of thought.

CCX, The Jinn Cycle – Book Three

CCX, Book 3 in The Jinn Cycle has been published on October 14th and is available on most retail platforms.

Paranormal Romance with a twist.

CCX is a Jinn warrior and the next Calipus Ex to rule his ancient family. For now, he works with Jericho, King of the Jinn, and his elite team as their tech wizard. Several years ago, at the annual Annex Ball, Cal first spies Stacey Bowman and falls for her hard. It doesn’t matter that she’s Vampire and Cal is Jinn – his blood poison to her. Desperately, he needs her safe, secure and all his.

I’m adding the CCX link to Smashwords for anyone who might be interested in reading it.


Happy reading!



Celebrate your love of reading!

Celebrate your love of reading.

Summer/Winter book sale at Smashwords.

All different kinds of genres and many of the them are free to download.

My books are there – The Jinn Cycle. Jericho, Book 1 is free. Paranormal romance. Read the reviews.

I’m adding a link for those who wish to visit.





CCX – Book 3 in The Jinn Cycle Series

Well, now I even surprised myself this time around. The final edit of CCX is finished and I thought it would take much longer than it did.

Now, a few days off and back for the final – what I call Hard Read. Does this book bring to my readers all the excitement and satisfaction I had writing it?

Truly, I’ve enjoyed every minute of writing CCX even though it’s longer than I wanted the book to be. Yet, sometimes characters speak to their writers and Cal did for me – he didn’t want me to leave anything out!

Should publish Book 3 sometime around the first week in July!

Gosh, it’s truly wonderful to love what you do.
Happy reading everyone.

PS – ROMAN is the next book. It’s a satellite book in The Jinn Cycle Series.


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